Start a career with us

At Sumer, we prioritise conversation. Whether you’re an accountancy firm or a potential employee, we aim to get to know your goals through open and transparent communication. By building trust and respect, we create an environment that supports innovation and growth. Let’s start a conversation and see where it takes us!

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    We’re fairly new, and we’re growing faster than our CEO at a bake sale. That means there are stacks of opportunities.

    We Need

    • Forward thinking bean counters
    • Technology whizzes who can keep it simple
    • People who get things done
    • Professionals who care about small and medium sized businesses and our communities

    We offer

    • A high growth, dynamic environment you can grow with us
    • An inclusive, fun culture. We take our clients seriously, but not ourselves
    • Flexible working options of all types – you tell us how, where and when you want to work, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. We’re super interested to hear from people who’ve taken a break and are looking to re-start their careers
    • Fair pay and a good benefits package